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Victoria Square: Cradle of Christchurch

Victoria Square: Cradle of Christchurch

Geoffrey W Rice

Victoria Square started its existence as Christchurch’s Market Place in 1850 and has seen many changes across the years – the most drastic following the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. This book records its changing appearance over 160 years using 250 photographs, most never before published. Geoffrey Rice, an author with a deep knowledge of and love for his city, brings to life many of the stories and events connected with the Market Place and Victoria Square and the colourful personalities who have lived and worked there.

Animals in Emergencies: Learning from the Christchurch earthquakes

Animals in Emergencies: Learning from the Christchurch earthquakes

Annie Potts and Donelle Gadenne

Animals in Emergencies: Learning from the Christchurch earthquakes reveals what happened to animals during and after the Christchurch disaster, and asks what we can learn from these events and from our response to them. This new book shows the importance of human–animal relationships for healing and rebuilding damaged lives, reminding us that just as our animals help us cope during times of crisis, they also depend on us.

The Diggers’ Story: Accounts of the West Coast Gold Rushes

The Diggers’ Story: Accounts of the West Coast Gold Rushes

Edited by Julia Bradshaw, Hokitika Museum

These fascinating ‘tales and reminiscences of the Golden Coast direct from Westland’s earliest pioneers’ were originally compiled by Carl Pfaff for The Diggers’ Story, first published in 1914 to mark the 50th anniversary of the gold rushes that transformed this remote part of New Zealand. Long out of print, the book has been thoughtfully edited and expanded for today’s readers by Julia Bradshaw with additional stories and information, 160 black and white images and 32 pages of exquisite colour illustrations.

Canterbury Foothills and Forests: A Walking and Tramping Guide (Second Edition)

Canterbury Foothills and Forests: A Walking and Tramping Guide (Second Edition)

Pat Barrett

This new edition of Pat Barrett’s popular guide to walking excursions in the greater Canterbury region adds Lewis Pass National Reserve and Western Arthur’s Pass National Park to the areas included in the first edition, and also covers additional areas of Te Kahui Kaupeka and Hakatere Conservation Parks that are now accessible to the public.

the breathing tree

The breathing tree

Apirana Taylor

This collection offers 40 new poems from popular poet Apirana Taylor.

Christchurch Crimes and Scandals 1876 – 99

Christchurch Crimes and Scandals 1876 – 99

Geoffrey W. Rice

Historian Geoffrey Rice presents another fascinating collection of Christchurch crimes and scandals drawn from 19th century newspaper court reports, this time covering the later Victorian period from 1876 to 1899.

The Bond of Time: An Epic Love Poem

The Bond of Time: An Epic Love Poem

John Puhiatau Pule

First published in a limited private edition in 1985, this 88-page poem by John Pule is now available in a new revised edition.

Tuatara: Biology and conservation of a venerable survivor

Tuatara: Biology and conservation of a venerable survivor

Alison Cree

The first detailed monograph for decades about this enigmatic reptile, and the first to be illustrated in colour throughout.

West Coast Walking

Kerry-Jayne Wilson

An in-depth guide to exploring the beautiful natural features and wildlife of the West Coast has been released in a new book by ecologist Kerry-Jayne Wilson.

West Coast Walking: A naturalist’s guide, is a detailed guide to the remarkable nature of the West Coast and includes introductory chapters describing the physical, botanical and zoological features. The bulk of the book is a guide to the natural features to be seen on West Coast tracks, highways, lakes and lagoons.

The Judas Tree

Lorna Stavely Anker

New Zealand’s first woman war poet has been revealed in a collection of poems released in The Judas Tree, the latest book by Canterbury University Press.

The Judas Tree contains a collection of 55 startling poems written by Christchurch poet Lorna Staveley Anker and edited by writer Bernadette Hall. The collection contains the best of her published poems and a substantial number never seen before.

Rebellious Mirrors

Paul Maunder

A new book challenging the mainstream history of New Zealand theatre has been published by Canterbury University Press.

Rebellious Mirrors is written by Paul Maunder, who has had a life-long career in New Zealand theatre, and is based on his PhD thesis which was completed at the University of Canterbury in 2011. 

Lateral Inversions: The Prints of Barry Cleavin

Lavishly illustrated with over 120 colour plates, Lateral Inversions draws from Barry Cleavin’s vast output to present a major representative survey of his prints and drawings from 1966 through until 2012.

Melinda Johnston

Paikea: The Life of I.L.G Sutherland
Oliver Sutherland

Paikea: The Life of ILG Sutherland explores the life of scholar, cultural anthropologist and social activist Ivan Sutherland (1897-1952), who was committed to a bicultural New Zealand and worked tirelessly to promote understanding of Māori aspirations in the first half of the 20th century.

Understanding Violence

Context and Practice in the Human Services

This book is a reference for professionals, an essential resource for students and will be of interest to the wider community in explaining community responses to violence.

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Celebrating 50 years of astronomy

30 March 2015 A celebration of half a century of optical astronomy at New Zealand's premier astronomical research facility is the focus of a new book published by CUP. (read article)

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