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Adams, Nancy M.

Common Seaweeds of New Zealand

Adshead, S.A.M.

Salt and Civilisation

Armitage, Don (editor)

Great Barrier Island

Arnold, Sandra

Sing No Sad Songs

Atkinson, Coral & David Gregory (editors)

Land Very Fertile: Banks Peninsula in poetry and prose


Baker, Liz & John Sawyer

Gourmet Tramping in New Zealand

Barrett, Pat

Canterbury Foothills and Forests: A Walking and Tramping Guide

Batson, Peter

Deep New Zealand: Blue water, black abyss

Beaglehole, Helen

Lighting the Coast: A history of New Zealand's coastal lighthouse system
Fire in the Hills: A history of rural firefighting

Beardsley, Eric

Sliding Down the Hypotenuse

Beddoe, Liz & Jane Maidment (editors)

Social Policy for Social Work and Human Services in Aotearoa New Zealand: Diverse perspectives

Bercovitch, Jacob (editor)

ANZUS in Crisis: Alliance management in international affairs

Bilbrough, Norman

Desert Shorts and other stories

Billing, Graham

Chambered Nautilus, The
Forbush and the Penguins
Slipway, The

Birchfield, Maureen

Looking for Answers: A life of Elsie Locke

Bohan, Edmund

'Blest Madman': FitzGerald of Canterbury
The House of Reed 1907–1983
Singing Historian - A Memoir

Booth, Roger

BRUNO: The Bruno Lawrence Story

Bouterey, Susan, Ji Fengyuan and Lin Jinghua (editors)

Cultural Interactions and Interpetations in a Global Age

Bracey, Ted & Duncum, Paul

On Knowing: Art and visual culture

Bradshaw, Julia

Land of Doing Without: Davey Gunn of the Hollyford
The Diggers' Story: Accounts of the West Coast Gold rushes

Brown, Colin, Marie Peters and Jane Teal (editors)

Shaping a Colonial Church: Bishop Harper and the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch, 1856-1890

Burrell, Margaret & Judith Grant

L'Offrande du coeur: Medieval and early modern studies in honour of Glynnis Cropp

Burrows, Colin, Michael Winterbourn, George Knox & Islay Marsden (editors)

The Natural History of Canterbury

Burrows, Colin

Julius Haast in the Southern Alps

Busch, Glenn & Bruce Connew

My Place: A Place in Time 21st Century Documentary Project


Cameron, Jan

Why have Children?
Without Issue: New Zealanders who choose not to have children

Campbell, Ian

Island Kingdom: Tonga ancient and modern
Island Kingdom: Tonga ancient and modern (Third Edition)
Worlds Apart: A history of the Pacific Islands (Second edition)

Coates, Glen and Geoffrey Cox

The Rise and Fall of the Southern Alps

Cook, Steve de C. (editor)

New Zealand Coastal Marine Invertebrates, Vol.1

Connew, Bruce & Glenn Busch

My Place: A Place in Time 21st Century Documentary Project

Cookson, John and Dunstall, Graeme (editors)

Southern Capital: Christchurch Towards a City Biography 1850-2000

Corliss, Paul

Words at Work: An annotated bibliography of New Zealand trade union literature

Cox, Geoffrey & Glen Coates

The Rise and Fall of the Southern Alps

Cox, Geoffrey and Francis, Malcolm

Sharks and Rays of New Zealand

Cree, Alison

Tuatara: Biology and Conservation of a venerable survivor

Cresswell, Mary

Fish Stories




Dann, Christine


Dawson, Stephen and Slooten, Elisabeth

Down-under Dolphins: The Story of Hector's Dolphins

de Lange, Peter; Peter Heenan, David Norton, Jeremy Rolfe and JohnSawyer

Threatened Plants of NewZealand

Derby, Mark (editor)

Kiwi Companeros: New Zealand and the Spanish Civil War

Dougherty, Ian

People's University, The

Drayton, Joanne

Edith Collier: Her life and work 1885-1964
Rhona Haszard: An experimental expatriate New Zealand artist

Duncum, Paul and Ted Bracey

On Knowing: Art and visual culture