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Edwards, Roy and Metcalf, Lawrie

New Zealand Native Ground Cover Plants: A practical guide for gardeners and landscapers

Evans, Patrick

The Long Forgetting: Post-colonial literary culture in New Zealand

Evison, Harry C.

The Ngai Tahu Deeds: A window on New Zealand history
The Long Dispute: Maori Land Rights and European Colonisation in Southern New Zealand


Farrell, Fiona

The Quake Year

Feeney, Warren

CSA: The radical, the reactionary and the Canterbury Society of Arts 1880–1996

Fengyuan, Ji, Lin Jinghua & Susan Bouterey (eds)

Cultural Interactions and Interpetations in a Global Age

Finn, Jeremy

Educating for the Profession: Law at Canterbury 1873–1973

Foster, Kate and Jean Garner (eds)

Letters to Grace: Writing 'Home' from colonial New Zealand

Francis, Mark and Jim Tully (eds)

In the Public Interest: Essays in honour of Professor Keith Jackson
Governors and Settlers: Images of authority in the British colonies, 1820-60

Freeman-Moir, John & Alan Scott (eds)

Yesterday's Dreams: International and critical perspectives on education and social class

Frey, Michele & Ian Spellerberg (eds)

Living with Natives: New Zealanders talk about their love of native plants
Native By Design: Landscape design with New Zealand plants

Frey, Michele & Sara Newman

On a Saturday Night: Community Halls of small-town New Zealand

Fry, Ruth

Maud and Amber: A New Zealand mother and daughter and the Women's Cause,
1865 to 1981


Gadenne, Donelle and Potts, Annie

Animals in Emergencies: Learning from the Christchurch Earthquakes

Garner, Jean & Kate Foster (eds)

Letters to Grace: Writing 'Home' from colonial New Zealand

Gaze, Peter

Rare and Endangered New Zealand Birds: Conservation and management

Gilderdale, Betty

The Seven Lives of Lady Barker

Given, David & Ian Spellerberg (eds)

Going Native: Growing and using New Zealand native plants

Gordon, Dennis P. (ed.)

New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity, Volume One: Kindom Animalia
New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity, Volume Two: Kindom Animalia
New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity, Volume Three: Kingdoms Bacteria, Protozoa, Chromista, Plantae, Fungi
New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity: Boxed Set - Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Gordon, Elizabeth

Finding Our Own Voice: New Zealand English in the Making
Living Language: Exploring Kiwitalk

Graham, Kennedy (ed.)

Models of Regional Governance for the Pacific: Sovereignty and the future architecture of regionalism

Graham, Peter

Vile Crimes: The Timaru Poisonings

Grant, David (ed.)

The Big Blue: Snapshots of the 1951 Waterfront Lockout
Jagged Seas: The New Zealand Seamen's Union 1879–2003

Grant, Judith & Margaret Burrell (eds.)

L'Offrande du coeur: Medieval and early modern studies in honour of Glynnis Cropp

Green, J. R.

The Logie Collection: A catalogue of the James Logie Memorial Collection of classical antiquities at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch
Greek and Roman Treasures in Christchurch

Gregory, David & Coral Atkinson (eds)

Land Very Fertile: Banks Peninsula in poetry and prose

Grey, Alan

Aotearoa and New Zealand: a historical geography


Hall, Bernadette

The Judas Tree

Hardie, Nnorma

On My Own Two Feet: The life of a mountaineer

Hargreaves, Kirk

On the Next Tide: Portraits and anecdotes of New Zealand fishermen and women

Harrowfield, David & Richard McElrea

Polar Castaways: The Ross Sea Party (1914-17) of Sir Ernest Shackleton

Hauschild, Myra

Silent Fighters: Cystic Fibrosis in New Zealand

Hauschild, Myra and Pat Rosier

Get used to it! Children of gay and lesbian parents

Hayes, John and Les Hill

The Artful Science of Trout Fishing

Hearnshaw, John and Alan Gilmore

Mt John - The First 50 Years

Heenan, Peter; Peter de Lange, David Norton, Jeremy Rolfe and John Sawyer

Threatened Plants of New Zealand

Hempenstall, Peter, Philippa Mein Smith & Shaun Goldfinch

Remaking the Tasman World

Henderson, John & Greg Watson (eds)

Securing a Peaceful Pacific

Hill, Les & John Hayes

The Artful Science of Trout Fishing

Hill, Les & Graeme Marshall

A Stroll Through Brown Trout Country

Hogan, Helen (translated, edited and annotated by)

Renata's Journey: Ko te Haerenga o Renata

Holdaway, Richard N. & Trevor H. Worthy

Lost World of the Moa, The: Prehistoric Life of New Zealand

Holland, Martin (ed.)

The Europa Lectures 2001-2006

Holman, Jeffrey Paparoa

Shaken Down 6.3
Blood Ties: New and selected poems 1963 - 2016 - NEW