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Jinghua, Lin, Ji Fengyuan & Susan Bouterey (editors)

Cultural Interactions and Interpetations in a Global Age

Johnson, David

Christchurch: a pictorial history
Timaru and South Canterbury: A Pictorial History

Johnston, Christine

End of the Century and other stories, The

Johnston, Melinda

Lateral Inversions: The Prints of Barry Cleavin

Jones, Bob

Memories of Muldoon
Prosperity Denied: How the Reserve Bank harms New Zealand

Jones, Chris, Bronwyn Matthews with Jennifer Clement (editors)

Treasures of the UC Library

Jones, Malcolm B. and Marsden, Islay D.

Life in the Estuary


King, Julie

Olivia Spencer Bower: Making her own discoveries

Kingsford, Michael and Battershill, Chris (eds)

Studying Temperate Marine Environments: A handbook for ecologists

Knight, Catherine

New Zealand's Rivers: An environmental history

Knox, George, Michael Winterbourn, Colin Burrows & Islay Marsden (editors)

Natural History of Canterbury

Kuiper, Koenraad



Lam, Adam & Howard McNaughton (editors)

The Reinvention of Everyday Life: Culture in the twenty-first century

Langton, Graham

Mr Explorer Douglas: John Pascoe's New Zealand Classic

Lochhead, Ian

Dream of Spires: Benjamin Mountfort and the Gothic Revival, A

Looser, Frieda

Fendall's Legacy: A history of Fendalton and north-west Christchurch

Lovell-Smith, Margaret

Easily the Best: The Life of Helen Connon, 1857-1903

Low, Hilary

Pay Dirt: 'The Westland Goldfields', from the diary of William Smart
Pushing His Luck


McDowall, R. M

Ikawai: Freshwater Fishes in Maori Culture and Economy

McElrea, Richard & David Harrowfield

Polar Castaways: The Ross Sea Party (1914-17) of Sir Ernest Shackleton

Macfarlane, Angus, Sonja Macfarlane & Melinda Webber (editors)

Sociocultural Realities: Exploring new horizons

McIntyre, W. David

New Zealand Prepares for War: Defense policy 1919-39
Significance of the Commonwealth, 1965-90, The

McKelvey, Peter

Sand Forests: A historical perspective of the stabilisation and afforestation of coastal sands in New ZealandSteepland Forests: A historical perspective of protection forestry in New Zealand

McMillan, Frankie

My Mother and the Hungarians, and other small fictions
There are no horses in heaven

McNaughton, Howard & Adam Lam (editors)

Reinvention of Everyday Life, The : Culture in the twenty-first century

McNaughton, Howard & John Newton (editors)

Figuring the Pacific: Aotearoa and Pacific cultural studies

Maidment, Jane & Liz Beddoe (editors)

Social Policy for Social Work and Human Services in Aotearoa New Zealand: Diverse perspectives

Marsden, Islay, Mike Winterbourn, George Knox & Colin Burrows (editors)

The Natural History of Canterbury

Marsden, Islay D. & Malcolm B. Jones

Life in the Estuary: Illustrated guide and ecology

Marshall, Graeme & Les Hill

A Stroll Through Brown Trout Country

Marshall, Owen

Sleepwalking in Antarctica and other poems

Martin, John E.

Holding the Balance: A History of the New Zealand Department of Labour, 1891-1995

Martin, Wayne.

Murder on the Maungatapu: A narrative history of the Burgess Gang and their greatest crime

Matthews, Lewis J.

Protea Book, The: A guide to cultivated proteaceae

Matthews, Bronwyn, Chris Jones with Jennifer Clement (editors)

Treasures of the UC Library

Maunder, Paul

Coal and the Coast: A reflection on the Pike River disaster
Rebellious Mirrors

May, Philip Ross

Miners and Militants: Politics in Westland
Gamekeepers for the Nation: The story of New Zealand's acclimatisation societies, 1861-1990

Mein Smith, Philippa, Peter Hempenstall & Shaun Goldfinch

Remaking the Tasman World

Metcalf, Lawrie and Edwards, Roy

New Zealand Native Ground Cover Plants: A practical guide for gardeners and landscapers

Miskelly, Colin (ed)

Chatham Islands: Heritage and Conservation (Revised edition)

Mitchell, Austin

Revenge of the Rich: The neoliberal revolution in Britain and New Zealand

Moleta, Vincent

Family Business: An Italian-New Zealand Story

Moore, Mike

Children of the Poor: How poverty could destroy New Zealand's future

Morrison, Gary, Penelope Minchin-Garvin & Terri Elder

We Could Be Heroes: The gods and heroes of the ancient Greeks and Romans