Manuscript Submissions

Guidelines for submitting a book proposal

Canterbury University Press welcomes submissions from prospective authors, particularly (but not exclusively) works which fall within our key areas of interest (natural history, local and regional history, biographical works, and The Pacific).

stack of booksIf your book is still at an early stage, you are welcome to contact us to get a quick indication of whether your book would suit our list. Please contact CUP Publisher Catherine Montgomery. Our postal address, email address and phone number are listed on our Contacts page.

If you have completed your manuscript or part of it, send us a sample chapter or chapters.

In addition, please provide:

  • a short précis of the book which notes its purpose and likely market
  • a list of draft chapter headings, outlining what each chapter will cover
  • an overview of illustrations/photographs (if applicable)
  • biographical details about yourself, including any books/articles/papers you have written
  • a self addressed return envelope if you would like your submission to be returned to you.

We aim to reply to your submission within a month. If you have not heard from us after this time, please feel free to contact us for an update.